No Way

I live like a soldier and die with the pain.
I don't care because my whole life in the rain.
Everywhere I go people curse my name.
So many trials and it hurts my veins.
Crazy thoughts flow through my brain.
Make it stop because I'm going insane.
Why do the world have to play these games?
From head to toe, my body drains.
Where do we go when we can't contain.
The anger that burns like a flame.
Don't know why I'm the one to blame.
Love don't love me and that's a shame.
Tie me up and just let me hang.
Born to death so I can't be trained.
Spread my wings just like a plane.
I know it's my time plus my eyes strain.
Don't really have nothing to gain.
Burdens, put it in my claim.
I just don't know if I'm going to end up in the cemetery main.
Childhood, put it in my frame.
My conscious has me feeling strange.
Can you bless me, with fame that'll lift me up like I'm in a crane?
I'm looking for a way to change.
See the stress keep me in my lane.
Shackled up when I'm in my chain.
So rough it'll make you sang.

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