No Where Man

He called himself the no where man. He said his big ideas and plans would never become reality. He said he was going no where in his no where land.

He is my daddy. He taught me how to make biscuits and gravy. I saw it all. The pretty pictures he painted hanging on the wall. A 1956 Mercury he painted and restored too. Why he called himself the no where man I haven't a clue.

He shared his ideas and said they would never go far. He even plays a guitar. Gardens of many he planted and watched them grow. Tomatoes, turnip greens, beans and okra and squash for friends and family. He is always busy.

Plumbing and carpentry. Daddy's not afraid to get his hands too dirty. A teacher, a preacher about getting an education. He taught us well.

Maybe he doesn't see what I saw. It turns out he is not a no where man at all. I'm changing his name to the man who can and did it all.

I am proud to call him my daddy.

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This Poems Story

The story is the poem in itself. My daddy always talked about his plans and dreams. He had low self esteem. He has always felt that he could never accomplish anything while all along he was accomplishing many. A single father for years bringing up three kids. He worked in a cigarette factory and painted cars on the side. He taught us kids to prep them and tend a garden. Sunday mornings were about milk gravy and biscuits for breakfast while he preached about the importance of getting education.