A word of opposition
An open expression of disagreement
A two-letter construction similar to that of a dam
Whatever conciousness that was streaming
Through the nooks and crannies of your soul has been abruptly halted

Sorry it has to end this way
I just don't see its path
The bricks that were suspended above the river
Giving your creativity a bridge to survive on,
A next step,
A source of expansion
The bricks have been shattered,
The bridge dismantled,
The next step has suddenly become nonexistent

And how do you feel about that?
By the way your face is angled downwards, maybe your life is too
The tears are magnetized to the ground
At least they can look forward to stability

Whereas I, oh I,
Have been lifted from my own two feet,
Spun into a bottomless pit of uncertainty
And gently slammed onto the lowest of the lows
Where the frost of my heart
Is mirrored by the frost of its reason for being there
All because of your no

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