One day,
One question,
One girl,
One confession:

Nobody ever asked me why;
Nobody ever stayed a while;
Nobody ever took the time;
Nobody ever ran the mile.

Nobody looked me in the eye;
Nobody looked past my smile;
Nobody looked at my pain;
Nobody looked through my file.

Nobody put for the effort;
Nobody put up with my grace;
Nobody put it all together;
Nobody put me in my place.

Nobody let me through the door;
Nobody let me on that base;
Nobody let me climb the mountain;
Nobody let me set the pace.

No, Nobody!

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Key Words : outcast, honesty, rejection

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    This Poems Story

    I was a little bit of an outcast in highschool, and honestly, I still am. I\'m weird, quirky, nerdy... Just different. People notice that being pushed out hurts, but nobody really see\'s the pain of social rejection.