Nobody was there for me when I was grinding suicidal and lonely
Like when I popping pills or ecstasy just to feel something
Something other than pain and anger flowing through my mind
Just seems like no one ever had the time
To sit down and wonder whats going on with this kid of mine
Why is he always alone, sitting in his room, smoke rolling out of the danger
I mean I get sick of my thoughts eating me from the inside out
Felt like my demons were starting to win the bout
But man I gotta clear these shady feelings in my soul
I know the devil wants me to turn around the pistol
He wants me to take my life, so he can stop following me around at night
Drag him to every party or social gathering
Sex on a one night stand just to try and feel the loving
Embrace of a significant other
Havent been hugged by my mother or father in forever
Havent heard anyone tell me they love me and don't want to see me laid in a
Nobody wanted to deal with my emotional shit
When I get depressed and try to end it quick
Standing at the edge of the bridge, 200 feet up in the air
Ready to tip forward without a single care
Still wonder why I didn't end this fucked up kids life that day
Still wondering when my daddy gon tell me that my not being normal is okay

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