Nobody is Ugly

They keep bragging of beauty
moving around in the city with insanity
making publicity of immaturity
but, my sister, you’re not ugly
Even if you are, it’s not your fault
Your face and body fit snugly
Even if not, you can’t add salt

Did you make your own beauty?
What did you add, skin Bleaching?

People search for pomade, beauty homemade
Wearing make-up to upgrade their shade
Shading your eyebrows, adding lashes
Painting anyhow, adding blushes
Is that what you call pretty?
Do your best to improve your look
But don’t change it

You are beautiful looking natural
You’re beautiful being original
Being ugly is delusional
You are not ugly, you’re beautiful
But you did not make it, you received it
You're not beautiful, they say you're ugly

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