Nobody Likes to Feel Alone

By Abby Ar   

Nobody likes to feel alone--
Torn apart from bone to bone.
Away from where you want to be,
With nothing to hear nor see.
Shunned by those you thought were friends,
Thinking your heart would surely mend.
But instead realizing
That there is no subsiding.
Thus the loneliness takes the lead,
Forcing your insides to fiercely bleed.
Having to see them all the time,
And wanting to make them pay for their crime.
You long for light inside the dark,
Without the pain and marks.
Everything you hear,
The sadness and the fear,
Is only what they made you to be--
So allow yourself to be set free.
Let it wash away--
Forever gone astray.
Their hurtful ways are what made you broken.
You were left on the ground with words unspoken.
Robbed of everything you thought was true
Until you realize what you knew,
Was simply a lie
That made your feelings die.
Alone you may be,
But at least you’re free.

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