Nobody Who Was Invisible

I met nobody who was invisible
She wasnt good enough  not even for herself
She cried and cried asking for help
But no one heard her crying in her own hell
Emotions and tears is all she felt
Like being lashed over and over with a leather belt.
I met nobody who was invisible
She tried her best to stay hidden from the world
Heartaches and pain made her this way
Hating herself and living with shame
Broken promises thoughts of dying
She wanted love but all she got was lying
She contemplated life and what she thought it should be
But at the end of the day she drowned in the sea.
I met nobody who was invisible
And went to her funeral where she lay there alone.
No flowers or people, no family or friends she finally realized this is the end.
No more hurt, no more pain, no more suffering and living with shame.
I am that nobody who is invisible and all I wanted was to be loved.

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