Nocturnal Dreamer

One day, we will no longer hide behind a door,
One day I will bring down the great illuminator.
A child of darkness, I’m just a young lad you see,
I just graduated recently from Twilight academy,
Daddy is a veteran, centuries-old is his sword,
Daily I pray “Hail Dracula our Lord!”
The great orb scorches our skin,
Many of my brethren have fallen to its sin,
Now we seek blood in the night lest we get sick,
I hate the local cuisine; it’s filled with garlic.
One day I will imprison Helios and Ra,
Then abduct their child, the yellow giant. Haha!
Like the legendary archer Hou Yi,
Shot down nine suns, oh a hero is he!
In search of Auriel’s bow, I travel long and far,
It can shoot arrows to blot out the solar star,
The eye of heaven shall stare no longer,
Cast the unceasing eclipse when I am stronger.
My house Nosferatu has a proud ancestry,
Grandpa hung Helsing and mom had slain Buffy,
Death of the day-star, that legacy will be mine!
Then vampires will party like it’s 1699.
I chase you across hills, to the horizon you flee,
I’ll avenge Icarus, the sunscreen protects me.
O infernal illuminator, the lamp of the day,
Your sister Luna guides me, your end is on its way.

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