Noli Timere

Noli Timere, Anna Bolina.
I ought to protect you, frabious.
Madam, you are the apotelesma.
Melorisim taught me, envious.

Oh, I move away, recidivism.
Despondent! Alea iacta est.
Ad hoc, I shall seek absenteeism.
Remember thy name. I request.

Ad infinitum et cetera, vale.
Cui bono? Nitimur in vetitum.
Festina lente. Dulce est desipere in loco.
Ita vero, lupus in fabula.

Oh, Lord. My Lord. Take thu. Cherish thu.
Cras, my love, shall be gone.
Perish in thy name, but not spirit.
Once gone, I shall be weeping a song.

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Key Words : noli timere, anne boleyn, latin, romance, betrayal

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This Poems Story

This poem represents a courtier of Anne Boleyn. They have to separate themselves from her due to her ruthless and distasteful personality towards others which eventually causes her downfall.