Non Dedam

No one told me to go gently into love.
I took a chased run deep into your heart,
Met by an indestructible gate,
Guarded by soldiers ready to strike.
I was deemed an unwelcome and unfamiliar guest from the start.
They fired your lies at me:
Searing bullets that obliterated me
And released a raging rogue wave
That submerged my remains deep below your fear.
Your fear...
Your twisted, heavy fear that guides you blindly,
Just as your indecision and my stubborn determination
Keep us pacing the chessboard.
I could leave this place.
I could walk away with the last of my pride.
But I choose to stay at your gates,
Unopened and unclosed,
I can see the inside of you.
The pain and fear in you is also a friend of mine:
Both wicked queens guarding our mates.
Make your move, love.
Call off the guards or have them finish this.
Will you ever choose?
Or will we forever be pacing black and white,
Me drowning beneath your fear,
You choking on your indecision
And the words I whisper clearly. "Non dedam."

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