Frozen in the very depths of time.
Purposes are no longer here.
Nor their meanings.
Transparent shells remain.
I am no longer defined.
A name that can't be said.
A body that has become a memory of its inhabitants .
I am what everybody knows about.
Yet had not believed in.
A whole of something that was apart of nothing at all.
Nor was there before.
There were no questions to be asked.
For they have long expired and faded.
They'll never be answered again.
But mark my words,they were never real.
Yet never fantasies either.
They were beginnings but never endings.
Though they never started the end from the beginning in the first place.
Their beginning,as mine, were long forgotten.
I am forgetten familiarity.
Only remembered when no one has met me at all.
Because I was always there when I wasn't.

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"Non-Existence" is about non-existence itself. How even though its definition is the state of not being real, it is real. It is possible to not exist when not existing is real. That is the very paradox of non-existence. Something that is real doesn't exist.