Nonetheless the orange sun rises

Not designed to just sit
A well rounded man with favor
Uses all claw and tooth in his labor.
To rise atop his cages, he gives his words
Only as he gauges.
Somewhat uncouth mingled with untruth
His verbiage stains him a color of bravery.
"Which must lend to honesty."
Many ask, "Honestly?"
Nonetheless, the orange sun rises
Bellowing in the air, "Oh to get there."
Using all lust and wit,
He parades like a Pharaoh,
With his genie largess, where?
To a small box straight and narrow
Confined he must fit.
Grey will the whiskers of the flail become
As he resides living with his own echoes.
His soul cannot escape
This new shape trimmed down.
For wielding crook will demand in such a land
A spirited heave and ho.
Alas an honest exhaustive row
Yes, this could define his show.

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