Nonexistent Ears

If I heard a little whisper, so faint that it could break away a grain of sand, would my ears become senseless?
If my eyes saw a figment of light, so transparent as the very sunlight can tear it away, would I be blind?
When the very world misleads, a form of lie so truthful that belief may be nothing more than a form of imagination
Could a child hear? Would they discern truth from lie with the very use of their own ears?
May it be that the truth was in the form of a small pill, a sedative meant to only wipe way the very fundamental aspect of a living human, discernment
They do not find the trees, a God given gift of beauty, discernment cannot lie through knowing that the ears play a role in this ability
I'd find the earthly waters, the holy sky, and the rich soil nothing more than a story meant to wipe away the pain of humanity
An attempt to recreate what was lost, what was present in the desires of the heart, it was only a tale of reconciliation to mend the heart torn in half
It was the tale of forsaken ears, they only knew that its' ability was the form of the ears that were nonexistent

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This Poems Story

Pain and the lies of may the theoretical meant to heal and build a society from the ruined kingdom of the heart, it represents an illness or a reoccurring thought of a pivotal moment of emotion not experienced through everyday life.