Nonsensical Nonsense!

Those two jewels penetrate the impenetrable soul
As this hangover defined all that is, was, and will be.
Silly me.
Touching the chain link's electric charge sends
sensations of erraticism careening through my being
And fills the air with the rancid scent
of my slowly smoldering, smoking hair.
There I taste the tar on the rocky road ahead
And saw Jack Johnson jack jaws on his way to Jacksonville
where the captions still read
-Seth Mul will walk through helicopter props unshaved
and emerge on the other side baby faced but otherwise unscathed-
All while living a life less life like than life
Watching Uncle Ben's rice topple buildings with the roll of two dice.
In the tale of mice and men
I play the feline, the canine, the foe and the best friend.

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