Nope to Dope

Since when is it normal for all of these teens,
To be pressuring their friends to smoke the greens,
You have too much work you need to do, you can't afford to crash
Just remember that when you're thinking about smokin' hash
Why do you feel the need to smoke dope
All I have to say is I have a little more hope
For my future, for this world, I want to make a change
I can't do that if I'm trippin' on something unproductive and strange
I mean I get it you think you're cool, yeah you're so fye
But tell me is it really worth it, getting super high
Like I'm sorry but you look like nothing other than a fool,
Talking bout being hipster, yup you're so cool,
Here's an idea follow the laws, there is a reason it's a rule
Otherwise you're going to look like nothing other than a tool
I really don't need to waste my hard earned money on a nug
When I can go see my friends and have fun without a drug
Personally, I'd rather be out active and getting toned,
Than sitting on my couch eating Cheetos and getting stoned
But really please tell me if it is worth it smokin' pot
When at every deal there is a chance of you being shot
For one little herb you're putting your whole life in danger
But even more, putting it in the hands of a stranger
So while you're begging me to join you and hit your little bong
I'm going to put my foot down, no matter what, I'm standing strong
Go ahead and make fun of me, call me boring and plain
But anytime you ask, I'll say no to Mary Jane

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