conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

A word that does not describe her.
Normal is something she is not
As much as she longs to be
She is different, and not in a good way.

Arguably the worst day
She wakes, dreading the school day to come
She suffers through the day painlessly.
Returning home
She goes almost straight to sleep.

She wakes
And immediately regrets it.
This day is better than the last
But still not good.

The middle of the week
She floats through the day on a cloud of emotions
This day is the most boring

The morning is bright
The day is warm.
Everyone is happy
Everyone is talking.
She does not like it.
She is not bright, warm, or happy
She does not want to talk.

Everybody loves Fridays
She hates them,
They break her routine.
Fridays are the beginning of the weekend
She doesn’t like the weekend either.
Everything is boring
It’s like watching water boil.

Saturday and Sunday
Both days are the same
Boring and terrible
They feel like the world is ending
So she sleeps the entire weekend
Same as always
Everything is always the same

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