Nothing more, nothing less,
Life in a happy time long ago-
When the two of us were inseparable
The closest of companions.

But I went and lost you
Becoming what I tried to keep you from,
Only to become one myself.

Out of pure spite and anger, I raged.
Became depressed for many days
on sadness that would never end.

This depression never seems to end, the more
I think about you being my friend.

It's hurts so much to think about the good times,
And it saddens me to think about the future.

You were once like a sibling to me;
I cared for you and treated you as such.
It saddens I that I'm the one who destroyed us both.

Now all you do is yell at me
When I attempt to speak a word.
Listen, for all I want is to be heard,
Nothing more, nothing less:


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