I think something normal
means to be the majority,
maybe not that, but at least
exist with a recognized popularity.
Do we change ourselves
to be looked at as normal,
or do we each deny it
and say we are unique?
A challenging question,
my answer is this.

Most agree all are unique,
but few what to be called normal.
It's a paradox I think.
If you think all are unique
that becomes the normality,
meaning nobody could be unique.
Yes, of course, that's only with eliminating
all specificity, but nevertheless,
it provides something that seems
a little easier to answer.

Many ask what it means to be normal,
but most simply accept being unique.
I think the reason for this is complex,
but to simplify, being called unique
is considered positive when compared
to the alternative. Not that normal is bad,
but normal insinuates majority, a thing
that people cannot accept being with.
Elitism is natural and creates a minority,
it's also something built in our genetic DNA.

To clarify, this is what most people think.
That being normal isn't bad,
but being unique means opportunity.
It means nobody is like you,
while you still maintain to be at the top.
It also doesn't hurt that it's a word
you can use when something is below average
without seeming rude. It puts us all on a scale
of equality, while somehow making each of us
think it is always a good thing.

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