Sweet Serenity,
how could you offend me thus.
Have you no compassion
for a man who gave his all
and now from grace must fall?

You have abandoned mercy,
leaving her to drown
when fate had cast its wrath
upon my frail dejected form
forlorn in a maritime storm.

And Destiny, pirate on the sea of choice
who makes the undecided
walk the plank towards desertion;
how I loathe thee
lest you bring her back to me.

This I cannot ask
of selfishness;
it is an affront to freedom,
her will
to do God's will.

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Key Words : abandon, tear

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    This Poems Story

    The poet is in love with a beautiful lady but she cannot return his love. Even if she could, she chose to dedicate her life to God by becoming a nun. The poet expresses his sorrow by confronting the issues metaphorically.