Not a Dream but Real It’s Me

I look in the mirror and what do I see?
I see a hero growing inside of me
Kids never did ask me to play ball or jump rope
But that didn't stop me from wanting to with all of my hope
People said I was never good enough
But I knew one day this would make me tough
Kids, teachers and other staff never understood
I guess I figured they never would
But then a voice would come into my mind
To remind me I am definitely one of a kind
Some people have said I am a ray of sunshine
And others made it difficult it was those mountains I had to climb
The things I had to remind myself
Were to never give up and remember who you are
Because one day all the things
That you went through will take you far
I might act like a little kid in many ways,
But I always have said
"Remember your childhood, kid, because those were the days."
I might get scared easily but most of the time I don't show it.
I hold it in with all of my might
And those were the battles I had to fight
I hope to have a daughter to teach her all that I know
So hopefully she will be just like me
And she will live, laugh, love and grow
Most people won't get that this is how
I always was and always will be
So you know what I see?
I see a hero that's finally in of me.

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