Not a Friend

Ten years roll by and it's still the same
With you, you always have someone to blame
For all the things I've done for you
You walked away leaving me feeling blue
Friends like us should last
But I guess all those promises were just part of your past
I fought for you every chance I had
All you did is left me here feeling sad
How could you do all the things that you do?
Having no remorse for the people you lose
One day you'll wish I was there
Then again, it doesn't seem like you care
So I'm moving on, I'm letting go
I won't be there anymore when you feel low
The next time he decides to give you a black eye
Look at yourself in the mirror and tell me you don't cry
Are you happy with him when he comes home?
You don't seem to feel so alone?
Is it worth all that sense of false security?
I guess you seem to like the misery
All I can say is that I tried
Now it's your turn to do it inside.

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