Not a Label

You are not a label.
Your thoughts are not simply for sale.
Your height and weight and gender,
are not what makes you you.
You are not your age, nor
previously lived place.
Your identity is not determined
solely by your face.
What really makes you are your favorite tunes.
Lyrics that stick in your head, and your thoughts from
morning til bed.
You are the person
that you choose to be,
from your favorite books to what you watch on TV.
You are beautiful and profound.
You’re when your head’s in the clouds
but your feet are on the ground.
You are a thousand things, but people only seem to see
the million things you simply can not be.
They’ll try to hurt you, to tell you
you’re not enough.
But no matter their taunts,
know it’s a fable,
because you are simply
Not a label.

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