Not a Pretty Picture

If you have a conscience,
a compassionate one for sure
Then you must feel revulsion
when you see the images of war
It's not a pretty picture,
it's not a pretty picture at all
In fact, it's an ugly picture to see
after the megaton bombs fall
To see the utter destruction,
to see the vast devastation
To see the lives of so many shattered
by an inhumane refugee creation
Body parts scattered every which way,
innocent lives don't matter
when the missiles hit their targeted prey
War is hell,
war is disgusting
It's a pot over-boiling hot
And the boneyard that stretch for miles
is a graphic reminder not soon forgot
If you like war, what it stands for ---
all the killing it propagates
Then you love pain and misery,
you're a rabid lover of hate
So take a good look at this picture,
don't cringe, don't look away
It could very well be visited upon you,
in some not so distant day

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