Not A Teddy Bear

Gaze upon the moon.
Moonlight illuminates the room.
Stars glitter & glow.
An enchanting beauty it bestows.
The cold night sky.
Makes me feel alive.
Not wanting to die.
An immortal existence.
Humanity has no resistance.
Fireworks penetrate the fog.
Gathering around the campfire on a log.
Rainbow colors that don't blur, you can see clearly.
An image that depression is a cure.
A strength unweary.
Roasting marshmallow s'mores,
while the others sleep & snore.
Collecting more fire wood.
Right before me is where the grizzly bear stood.
He wanted food that is what I understood.
If you run they will attack.
The woods I wont be going back.
To live you have to stand still or try to climb a tree.
Don't run to the hills.
Just stay & be.
Animals smell fear.
That much is clear.
Food attracts them.
Tranquilize could be wise.

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