Not Abandoned, Lost

A shadow clouds the road;
If only I could reach the end.
Behind me a red light burns.
Could this be it? Now I’ll descend.
I wish and see and almost touch-
False comfort. Oh! Here I am again;
Fabricated not of Love,
But of mortal men.
Down, down, falling down,
To the unforsaken earth.
Into the sea; could I drown?
I await the last and final birth.

I will sit and rot in nothing.
I can not fight to see the skies,
For all my vigor has been pulled out from me.
I can not even lift up my eyes.
Therefore, before my soul decides to devour,
Take my weak insipid hand.
Drag me somewhere, I care not,
Only out, out! Of this desolate land.
For what-
Have I saved my every breath?
To prolong my drowning?
To stop my inevitable death?

A thing beyond the clouds,
A thing so wild,
Holds the strands of time,
And holds me like a child.
No thing! Power is not subjugated
To such a small demeaning word.
The Word, The Answer, The Beginning,
The End to all that's read and heard.
Not abandoned, lost for a time.
The sea will fight but lose, lose, lose.
I will be taken up again,
And meet my lovely, lovely Muse.

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Key Words : lost, earth, sea, weak, power, Love

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