Not An Empty Sheet

Not An Empty Sheet

Poverty is the prime consequence,
to a world where there is inequality existence.
Living peasants striving a hard tense,
How should we stop this rising sequence?

Poor children voiced out their presence,
for families’ need have strong occurrence.
Physiological should be the one in top sense,
How does this matter turn so intense?

Look out not what the world can serve you,
rather see what kind of help you can do.
Show actions with genuine love too,
little beings need that thing all through!

Be a contributor to your country,
small works can create numerous tree.
Stand and depend not solely on others’ plea,
attained dream could bring a great glee.

Poverty is not a crime, or a sin,
people are coping crisis to that pin!
Strive tough through thick and thin.
True happiness is possible to live in.

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