In Doubt…

By Penny   

My heart pounds in doubt,
Whether to whimper or to shout,
Whether to love or to hate,
Whether to join or to separate.

I accept I was intrusive and instable,
sometimes even I was insecure,
I don't know, I fought for what?
Although I knew, my heart was in doubt.

My heart pounds in doubt,
Whether to continue or to quit,
Whether to refuse or to choose,
Whether to win or to lose,

But for sure I do cry, and I'm in pain,
Do you realize our efforts are in vain
I was in doubt, and I know you knew...
My Love, you do realize, I am all for you...

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This Poems Story

The poem "In Doubt" holds back the doubtful state of mind where the lovers fight for their relationship as they want to be together. they try hard to work out everything but despite all their efforts, things turn down worse. They are broken, confused, and in pain. Trapped between all the delusional feelings they both strive for what they want and believe in what (feelings) they have for each other. The poem ends with a short love note.