Not Cinderella, I am

I can never be Cinderella
Less because of my lack of a fairy Godmother
More because of the fact that I am not too fond of glass slippers
For things in this life are already too fragile
I could never be Cinderella
Because my sisters aint evil but I can’t say the same about the conditions in which they are growing up in
I could never be Cinderella because my prince charming could be anywhere in the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Harlem
Being taught how to follow
How to fit into a crowd
Not being taught how to do well and give love or even how to receive
Instead, they teach him to lookout for everyone but himself
Ofcourse, I could never be Cinderella
Instead, I am a representation
For all the black babies born into this world
Breathing air that isnt meant for their lungs
With nobody to help them through but the love in their mothers hearts
I could never be Cinderella because I could not have a happy ending knowing that my people are getting left behind

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