Not Enough Time

I watch the sun slowly fade away,
My day coming to an end as the sun disappears into darkness;
I only hope I will awaken to see the sun again.
If this was my last night,
My last sunset,
My last breath,
Would those closest know how much they were truly loved?
We all waste our time on something small;
Even if one minute of every hour is small,
In the end, it is time we wish we could have back.
Time is our enemy,
Never enough when needed.
I ponder, is the time I spent going to be enough
So that my son will remember me and what I stood for?
Will he know and understand
What time was given
To give him all he needed-
Happiness, courage, wisdom and most of all, love?!
The sun has set,
The moon takes its rightful place tonight.
I plan on seeing many more inspirational moments in life,
I plan to stay as long as time will give me.
So much love to give,
So many people to give it to-
Not enough time to do it all in one night.
I hope the love that I have given will be enough to last a lifetime!

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