Not Even A Whisper

Our generation is quite
They say as we rampage the streets
Our generation doesn’t care
They say as we do everything we can to protect each other
No we don’t care about your system or your rules
We care about each other
Not that it matters one bit
We get attacked
We get shut down
We fight, and fight
Some say the world will end in a bang
Most say the world will end in a whisper
Don’t you know
The world won’t end in either
Because there will be no one left to scream
We’ll take each other out by then
Unless we can get things to change
Get everyone to understand the love
That every generation seems to lack
But we take up arms
and scream because you’re not a mirror of what we want
No the world won’t end in a whisper
The human race will keep going
Till we kill each other off one by one
The world will end the same way it came
Because it’s better to destroy someone
Then to give them a pat on the back
It’s easier to laugh
Then to try to understand
It doesn’t matter
But we’ll take arms
For some ungod driven reason
So for now the world has set its course
It’s up to our generation to turn the tide
The only question that remains is do we have enough time
The world may end in silence
But the Humans will go down in a grand parade

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