Not Given a Chance

why was I aborted?
not given the chance to live,
little did they know,
I had so much to give.

it could have been a cure for cancer,
or the first to step on Mars,
I could have even been the one,
that perfected flying cars.

but science I was aborted,
none of this came to pass,
and now the world suffers'
as it breathes it's last.

so now their's no cure for cancer,
it's all just been a myth,
and when they ask was my death murder?
you just pled the fifth.

so no matter how you see it,
I really had no chance,
so what if I had been deformed,
do I not deserve to live?

just think of all the love and joy,
that I couldn't give,
because you wanted a perfect child,
I wasn't allowed to live.

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what could happen it isn't even a baby wet.