Not Giving Up

She was the Sun
He was the moon
Dark into light
Into her, he went
She wanted to shine all day and night
But she couldn’t
She had to share her shine
To make him happy
Is that fair?
Will the Sun serve the Moon forever?
What about her life?
Why share?
Screw the moon
Pun not intended
Knock that man out of orbit
Start over
Come back a diamond
They can never break you
Remember that fact
For the rest of life
You’ve got fire under your feet
And you can’t put out this flame
Keep your dreams alive
Build up your aura
One day, it’ll all be worth it
Don’t run away from time
Rather, run away into solitude
Re-energize your loving light
It’s still there
Hiding in the memories of yore
Go into your mind
To find yourself
Think, relax, and shine
That is your only responsibilities
The right man
Will come along
Filling the moon’s spot
Refreshing the old
Until then
You need to know
You can light up the Universe
All on your own
We’re not damsel in distresses
We’re the damn dragons
And we’ll eat you whole
So watch out World
Here we come
As bright as the Sun
As dark as the moon
We can be both
Because we’re stronger
Than anyone knows

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