Not Important

His name?... It's not important, just like how he made me feel.

He was nothing more than a lesson,

A lesson that was hard to learn.

There are people that rape your emotions to grow their own selfish, unquenchable ego's.

Regret..that is what I feel the most...

I regret giving him my innocence,

I regret not listening to those who knew him.

I regret defending his name( that is no longer important.)

I regret the loss of sleep, from the nights thinking of him.

I regret the tears I shed until my face was a dry, and blotchy mess.

The unimportant name enters my thoughts often, and causes a feeling of an angry swarm of bees in my skull.

I feel anger...

Angry that he stole the best parts of me.

Angry that I let him deceive me,

Angry that I didn't see him for what he was...
... An emotional abuser... And that is the name that's most important.

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