Not Just Any Day

My eyes crept open, the night passed too soon
At that very moment, I longed for the comfort of the moon.
This bed so warm, my pillow so soft
Maybe, just maybe, I could develop a cough.
Just then, I remembered-hey!
It's not just any day, today's my birthday!
Wait, no, scratch that.
Eww! Is that a pain in my lower back?
I'd like to go to school, you know I would
It's really more of a matter of if I could.
So it's not my birthday, and school awaits
It's just so hard to get out of bed, for Heaven's sake!
Wait, it's not just another day-
Today is the day I'll run free and play
Today I will go places and do things and such
But first, I should sleep in.maybe just a touch.

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