Not knowing kills

Not knowing where we stand
Is truly killing me
I think I need a hand
To help keep me from falling
I think it might be to late
Cause I feel like I'm already crawling

Damn I wish you talk to me
And tell me what your really feeling inside
Instead of ignoring me man
Its eating me up alive
Cause I don't ever want to lose you
But I get that feeling I already lost you

It sucks cause I did everything you asked of me
I even pleasured you the way you wanted from me
I never asked for anything in return
But one thing that was you to never hurt me and just watch me burn

Now I can't sleep at night
To just the thought you might no longer be in my life
You were everything to me
You brought me happiness and change
I thought I'd never see
Now that your gone I no longer
Want to live cause I felt
Like I lost my world my true love my special gift from up above

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