Not Like That

I can't help but think,

That if I had waited a little longer,

Dragged the extra second, stayed minutes

I wouldn't be caught in this awkward position.

The way I feel, the way I think

It's not like that

It's not you, it's me

How cheesy, even I can't hide truth

I'll say it straight

Maybe being blunt will hurt you less

There's no two ways around it

Sitting here with you across from me

I see the hopes I'll have to crush

I don't do this to you on purpose

This knot is just a tangled mess

My feelings are a sound-system unchecked

I only wish you didn't believe in me

A struggle deep within the bounds of my heart

I try distancing myself as to not put others in our current condition

My answer needs to come quick

I got one shot, one chance

To end this misery

It's better this way

Not like that



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