Not Made For This World

Taken against my will and shoved in a little room with crazy people. Yelling and screaming up and down the hallways, “we have to take your vitals, sit down now”. It was so harshly said, but I kept my mouth shut, sat down on the chair and let them take my vitals. As my temperature and blood pressure were being checked my eyes shifted from one crazy person to the next as I analyzed their behavior trying to guess what was wrong with them. One boy got sent to his room and the others were told to sit and wait to take their medicine.
Shoved in another little room. “Take off your clothes, we have to check for bruises”. No bruises found. Then I stuck out my arm and they took my blood. I walked back into the hallway and all of the children were in line getting their medicine before bedtime. Most of them had more than three pills. I asked one boy what each pill he had to take was for, but he didn’t even know. He couldn’t even name the pills he was swallowing down his fragile body.
All of the doors were locked, and it was only the blue-suited people that had the keys. A blue-suited person shoved me into another little room with plastic furniture bolted to the ground and had one of the crazy people set a bed for me in that room. “Go to bed,” she said. I didn’t even get a pillow and when I asked for one, all the blue-suited people said was, “there is no more,” and that was it.
The room was cold and the light, hairy blanket didn’t help. The bed was plastic and hurt my head when I lied down. There were bugs on the floor and there were two empty plastic beds and two plastic cubbies, all bolted to the ground and the walls next to me. There was writing on the walls and even on the ceiling, and all I could think was how could someone even reach up there. There was also writing on the side of the bed I was lying down in. Eleven marks. It looked like it was counting the days it had been there and suddenly all I could do was cry because I didn’t want to be there in the first place. It was a prison, a prison for the sick and a place where I did not belong.

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