Not Me and You

Certainly not on your friend list.

One of the many that see right through your bullshit.

Not a cheater I will tell you this!

Let me tell you- you are NOTHING-
maybe a disease, a cancer, a cyst.

In case you are too dense- I'm extremely pissed.

You have waged war with no army, no strategy, just a high horse- and I would venture a guess a record with no wins.

Your efforts to turn people who care about me against me, who are my FRIENDS- because you don't seem to have many or any at all- obviously you don't fathom what the definition of friendship is.

So this is my turn to rebut, give my two cents- your turn to get dissed.

You are ugly inside and out- loud and obnoxious to boot- what a noxious mix.

You are the definition of lackluster, boring- a generic soda with no fizz.

I can't even think of one redeeming quality- you are a poser, a fake, an embarrassment to women- should I continue the list?

Next time you open that overbearing know-it-all cum trap of a mouth- understand this...

Sometimes before the eye of the storm there is not only a calm but a light mist.

It serves as a warning, a threat of something amiss.

You aren't the first or the last who took a swing and totally whiffed.

Maybe this should serve as a blunt way of saying you should've never provoked such a force, a tornado with a mighty fist.

You... fucked with the wrong bitch.

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