Not missing my commute

Not Missing My Commute

New rules say we work via zoom,
cowboys on roads will be facing doom,
hounding me during my one hour commute,
radio is always on full blast, why should I mute?
Other drivers focus, avoid multitasking with vengeance,
I apply makeup, do nails, sip coffee; with confidence!
one eye on road, one texting, one on cop surveillance.

Rear view, side view; who needs so many mirrors?
none of them are big enough like those on hummers.
Could use a mirror for makeup when driving in a rush,
am I a contortionist? they’re so tricky even for blush.
Turning heads to pass; blind spot fear so pressing,
to change lanes, I just lean hard on the steering,
looking in windshield where to go while turning.

My driving is perfect, so why pay more attention?
gas and brake pedals I just floor, what a sensation!
Steering with a finger, elbows, knees; huge potential
leaving my hands free for tasks more consequential!
So I drift across the lanes without bumping neighbor,
not a crime, how rude to scream such repulsive zinger,
while honking like wild geese; I give them the finger.

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