Not My Circus, Not My Monkey

So you like dick in your ass?
All I can do is laugh like a maniac!
Thought I could clean up this mess,
but the time has collapsed.
Just like those legs did when you were acting like a junkie,
doing the fucked up and funky
like a monkey!
You get on your knees and beg me to stay,
but hunny I don't swing that way.
All those hours I left you alone,
but I guess boys sometimes miss each other
and talk dirty via phone.
Who cares anymore?
It is what it is.
You should've thought it over more carefully
before swallowing his jizz.
I figure that your ring was a little lonely,
so you had to call up Mr. Prince Pony.
I bet he fucks you like a master,
and your his sweet little disaster.
So go ahead and get gone.
The circus is where your crazy ass belongs!

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