Not My Fault

It’s not my fault that he or they are attracted to me.
Don’t blame me for your pain and jealousy.
I am yours why can’t you see,
That nothing they do will get them with me?
No message or phone call no e mail or text
Will ever persuade me to search for the next.

I have a past I know this is true
But honestly my past does not concern you.
The way I am now is all you should see.
Not what you are expecting for me to be.

You did it I didn’t so why have a cow?
Has your guilt got you thinking I want revenge now?
To compromise my standards because of you.
Never not me you best get a clue.
I am strong probably stronger then you.
That’s why together still means us two.

I cook and clean and I’m raising our kids.
What I do for you is more than they did.
I love you more than any ex or past lover.
Besides all your snooping would just blow my cover.
I love you I love you that is all that I sing.
I give it a year for you to get me my ring.

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