Not Normal

Extraordinaire am I, you can not just
simply gather or place me with the rest.
For I am a Divine & God-Given Queen, I
must be filtered out and cared for by
the best! Can't you see me glow, it
alone signifies how I stand out! I'm not
what you're used to, yeah it scares you
even, I see through you; I know you have
doubt. Doubt that you can't measure up to
the King in which I need, aiming to
please not only me, but the Father above
whose guiding me. I am the truth and
this you quite see, you run from me
instead of getting on your knees. Not to
bow to me, but to PRAY and seek for
direction in how to obtain such a prized
possession. Stand up my King, for I am
your only weakness, as you're my
strength; take my hand and let's build
our empire and walk into our destiny.

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