Not Quite Over You

Harsh words were exchanged between us two,
And neither one of us could see the light.
There were things tat neither side knew.
For awhile it seemed like an endless night,
From which I thought I would never awake.
I always felt alone and frightened.
It was always happiness that I would fake
So that others would not be enlightened
To the anguish that I felt in my heart.
I grew to be a shell of my old self.
My heart was painfully falling apart
And my would was caving in on itself.
It was at the breaking point of sanity
that I learned how strong I could truly be.
I found the strength that was deep inside.
The door was locked, but I've always had the key.
To speak the truth, I'm still not over you
But I know that someday I'll have a better view.

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