Not So Perfect Life

With flawless smile and sparkling eyes,
Radiating happiness far and wide,
Contagious laughter to soothe her heart,
There she was, living her not so perfect life.

Dash of uncertainty in every thought,
Fear of failure in her mind,
Standing still with a pounding heart,
There she was, cursing her not so perfect life.

Hourglass-shaped women all around,
Her imperfect curves mocking her,
Wearing tons of make-up and tighter clothes,
There she was, concealing her not so perfect life.

“Perfection is all that matters,” they said,
Astounded by their opinion,
Learning from her attempts,
There she was, struggling with her not so perfect life.

Realizing her worth,
Unmoved and unaffected by their words,
All ready to shine,
There she was, loving her not so perfect life!

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