Not So Special Day

To most people it was just another ordinary spot in the woods
But to her this was the place where her imagination could run free
I'd sit and watch her turn the tall weeds into crisp golden grass
Instantly the forest floor transforms into long vines and waterfalls
Running after her prey she transformed herself into the mighty tiger
Pouncing off rocks and splashing in the stream, she rules the forest
When she finally decides she is too tired to be ruler, she swings
She swings and laughs as if someone was telling her a joke
There was nothing special about that spot or about that day
However I go back to it almost everyday just so I can hear her laugh
Watching her light up in those woods was my most favorite thing
I go back to take myself away from when I had to watch her life die
I go back to swing, to sit, and to smell the wildflowers
Everything about this place reminds me of her
She was my precious ray of sunlight, my delicate rose
Lighting up my life like the Fourth of July with her imagination
Now I sit here in our spot imagining her playing
I wish I could go back to a not-so-special day in the woods like that

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