Not Surprised

It is alarming that the first reaction is "not surprised" when tragic
images are viewed from the eyes of the marginalized.
But who are those in disbelief when they witness
broken city streets burned down by such people in grief.
Why should I be silent, why not shout when I'm constantly questioned
about my intentions or my drawer count.
Or when I walk these streets, march downtown in a state
that allows a policy of "stand your ground".
What a perfect storm. Fear, miss education, separation, hesitation,
divided nation. When "Protect and Serve" becomes an occupation.
Metal helmets and badges forged from a system of a thousand lashes.
Look what you will find when a thin blue line meets a wide red line.
Suddenly educated masses found out that they took the wrong classes.
Learned over many years, from a jury of their peers.
Alarmed and fed fear. Then fled town with some old Navy gear.
While others were left on the ground and fed this trickle down.
Attention: This is your Fire Director.
The alarm was investigated and was determined to be a false alarm.
Nobody will be held accountable. And we are still not surprised.
There are no points, no miles, no silver tier, when you buy back a
brick of gold that was created from years of separation and fear.
You'll find gold, yes you will. But not to be bought or sold.
Not to be appropriated nor miss appropriated.
Not to be worn or torn, not to be spoon fed or misled.
We won't end up with a decision like Dred.
So why are only the marginalized "not surprised"
when answering questions about the value of "Black Lives".

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