Not the real me

The real me is not the one you are living with
It is surely not the one you have spent your life with
And now I know it is not the one
You shared your sorrow and joy with
I know it's going to be hard for you to see the real me
I know you are going to blame yourself
After seeing the real me
It's not your fault and it's not mine either
I know by hiding it I became a deceiver
I am scared and hollowed because
It's been eating me from the inside
My soul is hurting and all my tears have dried
But just for once I am not asking much only once
Can you please look toward the real me?
I know everything is going to be fine again
I know the sun and moon will shine again
I know that’s what you want deep down too
From now on I am not going to hide it too
You know how much I love you
And I know how much you love me too
It's not just about you
And it's definitely not just about me
It's about us
And we are surely going to get through it together
Yes it's us, we will get through it together

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