Not the Same

Today what a sad day,
For the memory I have of you is here to stay,
Every flower reminds me of you,
Every heart shaped candy reminds me of how much I love you,
That fatel day comes to mind,
I wish I could have saved you,
Valentines Day is not the same without you,
Nor is my birthday because that is the day you left,
Left to heven,
You are here no more, life is not the same,
For who is to blame?
I say no one but that be a lie,
The only one to blame goes by the name of Cancer,
Its posion shot through your body,
Like how a paintball splatters on the wall,
It hold was too powerful for you to match,
You faught hard,
The surgeries left your body scared,
But you never stoped fighting, like a super hero
I will never forget your beautiful face,
your laugh and your smile,
The last thing we said was"I Love You",
I never forget your voice,
Rest In Peace My Love,
We will meet again soon,
Until than in my heart you will stay.

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