Not Today Grief

By Alexis   

Not today Grief

Just when it feels like it might be a good day,
IT pinches the heart strings in a taunting type of way.
Weakening my stomach with a weightless cringe
If the tremble of my knees could make noise, they would resemble an old door with squeaky hinges... blowing in the wind...
Oh God, IT's back.
Not again.
With the smell of roses blowing tenderly thru the air to the elegant fragrance of White Diamonds floating thru her boudoir.
IT makes the blood speed up in my veins, making my heart beat thump at multiple rates
Faster than 2 second speed dating with fifty first dates.
Go away, go away grief.
Not today..
Please,no anxiety attacks or nightmares this way.
I want to smile today.
I want to be happy in every single way.
I want my soul to embrace the positivity of the energy of the universe's cosmic display
I want to accept the fact the she's gone away.
In a better place, no more cancer and no sickness or any of life's struggles that get in the way.
Not today grief, I will not let you have today.
Your going to leave me alone today.
And I'm prepared to continue to run away.

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